Site Rules

This Web site might change the agreement for use without a previous notice. Please acknowledge that the agreement for use after it changes is applied beforehand in that case. In the one to assume the responsibility of the following points though close attention is paid to information posted in this Web site.

It is not

1. All must be all correct posted information, be safe all, and be useful.
2. Posted information must always be the latest.
3. All damage that happens because of use of this Web site.
4. The server is stopped without a previous notice, and information is changed, and discontinue offering and interrupt. Moreover, it wants to cause by it or is becoming it damage.
Protection of copyright and intellectual property right

Information on the product used on this Web site, service, the technology, the trademark, Shilshiakira, the still picture, and contents, etc.

It is protected by the law related to the industrial property method, the Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Unfair Competition Prevention Law, and other intellectual property rights.

Profit-pursuing. It is hard to use the second of the the reproduction, the diversion, and sales, etc. without permission regardless of non-profit-making and the individual, the group or the enterprise.

Prohibition act

When this Web site is used, the following act is prohibited.

1. Industrial property of this site and violation to copyright and other property rights.
2. Slander to this site and slander or threat.
3. It is a disadvantage, and an act in this site that is disadvantaged or might be given.
4. Act that might damage confidence of this site or each company in management.
5. Act of using it for business act or other profit-pursuing acts.
6. Act in contradiction to good public order and customs of indecent, blasphemous act and remark, etc.
7. Act harmful program such as computer viruses is used or is offered or with the fear.
8. Act of violating law (The law related to export is included) or the act that might violate it.
9. Act that causes obstacle for this site or third party's business by act of violating another and this agreement for use of each title the former or might cause it.
Exemption matters

This Web site doesn't assume the responsibility to the person who uses this Web site as long as there is not providing separately in the agreement for use concerning other services of our company at all. Moreover, this Web site is not guaranteed for the safety of no content of adaptability, the functionality, the computer virus to the latest, accuracy of the content of the site, and utility and a specific purpose, and harmful of the other etc. at all.

This Web site doesn't assume the responsibility to any damage that originates in the change in the agreement for use of the site and the stop of the Web site and is caused.

Conforming method and competent court

I will apply a Japanese method for this agreement for use and this Web site. Moreover, the dispute concerning this agreement for use and this Web site is assumed to be the one solved by the trial of which the exclusive trial jurisdiction is Tokyo District Court.

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