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Protection of individual information policy

Web-Star Dot Com (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (henceforth "Our company. ") will think customer's individual information is appropriately protected as our important, social obligation, and specify our policy of the handling of individual information in the following.

Our company will collect customer's individual information in legal to provide dealings and service with the customer, and use individual information collected within the range.

Individual information on the customer who collected will be confronted to the third party or the customer (Caco the business consignment ahead of our company is excluded), etc. who do not obtain the customer's approval as a rule and I do neither the offer nor indication.

Our company tries to prevent an illegal access to the loss, destruction, the falsification, the leakage, missing come, and information by lecturing on an appropriate safety precaution about individual information on the customer who acquires it.

The law and the guideline of Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data held by Administrative Organs etc. are observed, and customer's individual information is taken care of. .

The contract is concluded to secure proper handling in that case after our protection of individual information policy is known, and the execution condition is checked though our company might consign handling concerning individual information outside to provide dealings and service with the customer.

Our company doesn't offer the third party customer's individual information, except when agreement prior of the customer is obtained beforehand. However, customer's individual information might be offered to the third party without obtaining agreement prior of the customer when corresponding to the following each title.

- When basing on establishing the law
- When it is necessary person's life, to body or to protect the property, and it is difficult to obtain the customer's agreement
- It is time when it should cooperate for the organization in the country or the person who receives the local authority or the consignment to accomplish the clerical work that the law provides, and when you might cause the obstacle for the accomplishment of clerical work concerned by obtaining the customer's agreement

Our company observes the law that relates to the handling of customer's individual information and other standards, reviews the content of this privacy policy continuously, and seeks improvements.

November 1, 2004
Web-Star Dot Com (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

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